Monday, July 08, 2013


The Creeps are back & ready for action! Okay so production holdups are really fucking up my schedule more than your girlfriend sending me n00dz is, but that doesn't mean we won't keep on pushing! I (Boris) decided to keep this Summer drop nice & small to focus on more special drops with some talented artists, throw some gnarly parties in between, and of course get MURDER WE WROTE™ PART II ready for Fall/Holiday! Hope you all had a great weekend, but now it's officially back to work, no more LA nights gettin fucking insanely blasted out the galaxy! Heading to London at the end of this month for a SUPER SPECIAL EVENT we're throwing with the good folk at UPRAWR so I hope to meet some of you guys out there! Anyway, too much chit chat. Enjoy this jammer by the Eagles, because it's summer & ya'll should be in full mack mode with all these lovely ladies running around! Have a great week creep!

And don't forget to head to the ONLINE SHOP and pick up them yummy ARMY OF DARKNESS: Americuh Edition limited production tie dyed jumpoffs! Already sold out in some sizes so don't email me asking for a restock cuz it won't happen!

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