Monday, June 17, 2013


Let's face it – it's 2013 & all negative perceptions about self-promotion, vanity, and textbook narcissism have gone completely out the window. And with this a new generation of ass-pirational models & "alternative models", comes tons of yep, you guessed it, selfies. YAY SELFIES! Some have pretty faces, some have pretty bodies, some have both, and some cleverly disguise promoting their physical blessings under notions of "working out" or the acquisition of their favorite fashion items. In other words, my dreams have come true where all you hot little chicas show me how hot you are. And it's not even frowned upon! Hell, your parents are probably stoked of your self-acquired marketing degree since they won't have to pay for your ass to go to college! So if you should have any qualms about showing a little skin, quit being a wuss & remember we're all gonna look like shit when we get old & to celebrate our youth with sexiness, lewd behavior, and endless ambition!


With all that being said Amayah Louise (ugh what a babe) would like us to wish you all a week of love, peace & prosperity! We love our Creepettes & will only encourage more hot pictures of hot ladies rocking our hot clothes, on a hot day, maybe with some other hot ladies. So hot!

Epic Men's tees & Hoodies Clearance Sale this week + some more fun announcements. Stay tuned! Busy, busy, busy!!

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