Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Ya'll better do some heavy googling if you don't know who these people are because it's quite obvious you've been greatly deprived of this amazing thing a lot us call "fun." With Friday creepin' up around the corner we wanted to make sure you bought your advance tickets at cuz it's going to be crazy! This is DJ DRAMA's first time playing in San Francisco & it's going to be even more epic! SINJIN HAWKE, PICTUREPLANE & ANTWON too?! Rad dudes, hot bitches & plenty of drinks till 3AM on different levels & multiple rooms!


This is SF's largest nightclub venue so everyone is sure to get happily fucked...up! Did we also mention we added Trill Team 6 to the lineup?! Oakland is in the fucking building! This Cali shit is starting to rub off on me... :)

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