Friday, May 10, 2013


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Also did we mention we're taking over San Antonio next Friday?! Well we are. A lot of you might not know we've been working on the 3rd official Creep Street short film for the past year. It's only proper that we teamed up with our trill homies in Texas! Under the creative genius of our homie Lawrence aka NotbotFX (the funny horror makeup dude that's also in band SOHNS), he created one of the most creative movies we've done yet! I'll post the official trailer this weekend, but for now just mark your calendars! This month is gonna be nuts! I'll cut today's post short & give you a full run down of epicness later as we get ready for our epic Spring Sale! Shhh... ;)

Creep Street & NotbotFX Present: Hit and Run.
The Official Video Premiere Screening!
Hosted by Ghostpizza!
Friday – 5.17.2013 – 10:30 PM
The Ten Eleven
1011 Ave B
San Antonio, TX 78215
Come enjoy a chill ass night with the homies, and be a part of history! Locals Only!

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