Thursday, May 23, 2013


Our friends & family in San Antonio had a special premiere of our epic short film last week, and I can only say that we're even more excited to finally be able to unveil this bad boy to you all as well! Love it, hate it, share it! Let the Creeps run deep!

Creep Street & NotBotFX Present HIT & RUN!
A short film of a different caliber...

Real G's always move in silence, which is why we've been secretly working on this 3rd Creep Street short film for almost a year now?! We really hope you enjoy it as there was tons of work put into this production by a crazy talented team of artists, actors, and producers! You might even recognize some people cough cough* Walking Dead but most importantly you recognize that when good friends come together, it only means one thing –
Do I smell a sequel?!
Director/Writter/Producer: Lawrence Mercado
Director of Photography/Assistant Director: Nicolas Wachter
Executive Producer: Stephen Villela
Producer: Boris Ladykiller Changstein, Jr. Esq.
Camera Operator: Nicolas Herrera
Assistant Camera: Karin Stefanofsky
Gaffer/Storyboard Artist: Chris Brucks
Grip: Than Niles Grip
Boom Operator: John Reeve
DIT: Caitlin Quinn
Makeup: D. Lealaimatafao
Hair Stylist: Valerie Perez
Craft Services: Buddy Calvo
Special Effects/Makeup: NotBotFx
VFX: Jaqgravan Sananikone & Pixelsapien
Special Thanks:
The Ten Eleven Bar - San Antonio, Texas
Everyone who came to the Premiere & recognize who's been doing this shit since day uno. We love you.

Creep Street ©2013. All Rights Revoked. Eat Shit & Live!™


Anonymous said...

Yo what about puttin out a shirt with Kim jong uns face or another ill Korean ? You could blaze 'Seoul brother' on that shit... Maybe kims a little extreme but you know what I'm sayin. Put us Koreans on son!! Lady killer is Asian right? Right. Stop frontin let em all know we got that major bak choi kid. Creep street supporter for a min too I ain't just talkin shit. Been waiting for somethin like this


^Hmmmmm.... ;)