Friday, May 17, 2013


Headed to San Antonio tonight for the premiere of Hit & Run! The thing I like the most about Texas is that it enjoys being Texas. Tattoos, motorcycles, haunted houses & bad bitches that will fuck you up. Honestly, everything is supersized & cheap as fuck. The creeps dig the realness & I'm glad to have so many friends in the Lone Star State. No fake ass LA bullshit to deal with, no NY crazies to weave through, and it's going to be warm all as hell! Fucking. Excited! See ya'll tonight!

Watch the Official Trailer below!


Creep Street & NotbotFX Present: Hit and Run!
The Official Video Premiere Screening!
Hosted by Ghostpizza!
TONIGHT! – 5.17.2013 / Doors open at 9 PM
The Ten Eleven
1011 Ave B
San Antonio, TX 78215

Hang with the Creeps & bring some bitches! Just don't lose your head over it!

Our super epic Spring Sale! is still going on! Huge markdowns so hurry up as a lot of items are already sold out! Discount code BOOBS also expires tonight so don't miss out on that additional 10% OFF!


commodore sixty four said...

If you know what movie that clip is from i would like to know.For a second I thought it was Danny McBride getting decapitated.


^watch it!

commodore sixty four said...

Ha thanks! Hobo with a shotgun has been in my netflix queue for ages looks like i gotta zip that to the top.

Anonymous said...

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