Monday, April 29, 2013


©Photo by Grayson Hügh Bagwell

A little fashionably late on today's Music Monday's post but fuck it nobody likes Mondays anyway haha. Gonna bore you with some heart to heart today so just skip to the boobs above if this becomes a super gay read. It's been a real long time since I've been back home in NYC and boy does it feel good to be back in the East! Spent the last few days in Boston seeing all the old homies & it's fucking awesome to see how everyone has changed, yet stayed the same. Even more gnarly walking through the bomb sites (didn't IG them out of respect) considering the last time I was back I was rolling my balls off in Boston (still pretty much the best night of my entire life) and we were still talking about it this weekend (don't tell mom). So umm, yea, boring read but yea, prayers to the victims & hi-5's to good fucking times with people you love.

What's even crazier is coming back from living out West (almost dreading returning back next week even though I love everything out there as well). Kinda surreal to describe the experience when you move around so much, creating new memories with so many new people. The good part is that it keeps you motivated, keeps things fresh, and allows you to creep things interesting too. Running a small business as a lot of you know is a fucking beautiful headache. When things get bad, they get real bad, but when things get good, it's ass & titties I'm sharing with you on the interwebz! Nevertheless I keep this company going because I have this odd connection with all you who follow our movement. I pretty much run this tiny operation as independently as I can to keep things as real as possible.  It's truly something different, and I'm glad you're all part of it. The fast life isn't for everyone, but it's a life some of us chose with no slowing down. I'm going to attempt to change the tempo a bit this week & hopefully get all these exciting projects we've been talking about & working on for fucking ages finally materialized. 2013 is the year of the Creeps! We say this every year but whatever it's fun to repeat so just fuck with it will ya?!

So here's to the faux vacation I'm taking this week. I'll be eating fancy dinners with the folks & smoking weed with my friends in Brooklyn. But don't worry I'll still be catching up on emails though some orders might get delayed lol! The whole point today really is that I hope everyone remembers the important things in life & continue to creep it real for the rest of theirs. May there be many good Creeper Cam moments to share with you on the Creepstagram this week & may you continue sharing yours with us as well! Summer 2013 cumming soon. It's really funny. A lot of you will like it, but most will hate it.



Anonymous said...

Real shit real talk. Creeps got hearts too

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