Friday, April 19, 2013


Over a week ago we announced via Instagram our first CREEPY KIT CONTEST, where the best #creepykit would win a super rad prize pack from us. Initially inspired by 'Things Organized Neatly' & outfit grids we really wanted to see what kind of funny things you had or incorporated that made you unique creeps & creepettes! A lot of you had some funny ass pics!

To spice things up we're  gonna let you guys pick the winner! Here's 1 submission that just made us LOL even though you didn't make the cut. Next time syvology!

So without further delay, here are our 4 finalists! Vote for your favorite on Facebook & Instagram in terms of who you think should win! 1, 2, 3 or 4?! Get your friends to vote too! Winner will be announced this coming MURDER MONDAY 4.22 – now GO!

Again, thank you everyone for participating (50+ submissions damn)! We put the F-U back in FUN! Enjoy your weekend creeps. 420 is tomorrow which only means one thing...


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