Friday, March 29, 2013


It's motherfucking here! Watch it. Then Watch it again. Then like it. Love it. Share it. Repeat. MURDER! DEATH! KILL!

CREEP STREET Presents MURDER, WE WROTE™ from Creep Street on Vimeo.

We proudly present to you the Murder We Wrote™ Official Spring 2013 Video Lookbook! Bloopers & all that behind the scenes madness! Originally aimed for a formal Winter 2012 drop, calendar challenges actually worked out allowing us to put even more filthy love into a bigger Spring drop! While we brought back some of our most iconic (and your favorite) pieces, we really went dark this season & murdered out everything old & new! We hope you enjoy this devilishly dark (and handsome) collection as much as we did making & shooting it.

We put the F-U back in fun! Kill 'Em All!

And if you haven't yet, lurk the photos (all shot in film like it should be) on our Facebook!

Love, Boris "Ladykiller" Changstein Jr., Esq.

 Special Thanks:
- Ray Echevers 
- Sarah Ann Miller
- DJ Honey Cutt 
- TJ Marsh III

Music Credits: 
"Holla, Holla" – Ja-Rule courtesy of Murder, Inc./Def Jam ©1998. 
"I Got 5 On It" – Luniz coutesy of Noo Trybe ©1995.

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