Thursday, March 07, 2013


I remember a few years back, it might even be when we first started this company, that there was this almost golden period in Skateboarding. Companies were doing well, all our friends were were stoked to be working and skating, and the parties thrown were ridiculous. This would also be my initial inception into the LA party life of pools, palm trees, and the drunkest & hottest babes one can get wild with. That being said, it's either we're all getting older or we are now too jaded to care about the same things. But one thing that hasn't changed luckily enough, is how rad skateboarding continues to be. It's come such a long way, and love it or hate it, is continuing to evolve. We're glad to be part of it. I missed this year's so here's the New Era recap. Hopefully you'll see Chip & I at the next one, acting stupid of course.

Never stop pushing. Skate or Die motherfuckfaces!

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