Monday, March 25, 2013


So I was supposed to go out for dinner with this chick last night, but I was so stoned when I got back home I completely assed out for 6 hours & now here I am. But fuck a date because as much as I like food, I like weed & naps that much more. That being said, I hope ya'll had a great weekend!

Today's Murder Mondays reveals our official Murder We Wrote™ Lookbook shot all in film! You can see the full set on our FACEBOOK PAGE so make sure you do that & invite all your rad friends to like our page! I'm also going to drop the exclusive ASSTRAY set for you creepers this week as well as the official Video Lookbook! What a fucking exciting week guys! Here's some pics I liked that didn't make the final cut:

Oh and one more thing just to prove how fucking awesome Creep Street is! Use code MURDER15 (inspired from march 15th, the ides of March when Caesar was killed) at checkout for 15% OFF your order. Bang motherfucking bang bitches!

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