Monday, March 04, 2013


You know what's missing in music these days? A fucking saxophone. That shit was sexy as fuck.

"Brings back memories of a woman I was so in love with. One night I had to choose between Jude and the woman that ended up being my wife. NOT choosing Jude is still the biggest mistake of my life other than the 2 children and 4 grandchildren I now have. I'm so sorry Jude." –Regretful Youtube Guy

This song is crazy cause I was like a tiny ass kid when my uncle used to jam this out. What the fuck was love to a kid back then anyway? Your 1st grade crush? Legos? Nintendo games? Pizza? Shit was so sweet. Only hearing about love before you would grow up and have to experience that shit, only to have it ruin your entire life! I digress. This week is dedicated to looking back at our childhoods & realizing how shit has ironically become so complicated now that we're older. Luckily there are beautiful things such as Youtube comments to ease the pain. Dead.

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