Monday, February 11, 2013


Were cool. Lots of Frank Ocean. Why the fuck Tyler can't put a suit on is beyond me, and up RiRi is back wih Chris Brown. BIG SURPRISE. The media needs to chill out. There is no way their relationship should be headlining along homicides on the news. There were a buncha bands I never heard of cuz I'm old, Justin Timberlake has a plan for world domination, and the Black Keys still rule. Other than that, I smoked way too much weed this weekend, shipped a whole shit load of your awesome orders & ummm...and am officially ready to fuck all you up with a new collection this week! But for now, enjoy my favorite portion of last night's music extravaganza!


Katy is fucking John fucking Mayer now huh?! What a fucking goober! But damn pimp hi-5 for that your body is a wonderland big headed fool.

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