Monday, February 04, 2013


A few years ago we had a cool little creeper by the name of Uncle TNUC who won one of our epic Halloween Costume Contests. He dressed up as the hilariously notorious Cunt Smasher! For those who aren't quite familiar with who Mr. Cunt Smasher is, here is a friendly reminder:

Bitches be causing floods with those wet pussies!!! Hahaha anyways, Uncle TNUC (pronounced tee-nuk) recently put together a video for his homie Steve Moore (Zombi, Lovelock, Gianni Rossi) for his track 'Dawn of Primordial Life', which came out earlier last year on his split LP with Majeure entitled 'Brainstorm'. If you dig retro, deep analog synths, neanderthals and the power of nature, then you will really like this shit. I won't even mention watching this high as fuck. Enjoy.

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