Friday, January 18, 2013


This shit is so trippy, hilarious, creative (ironically), and fucking awesome. Imagine how fucked you'd be watching this on shrooms? How fucked? Proper fucked! Now say that again in a British accent! Purahpuh fuhkd! Man, everything sounds rad in a British accent. I digress.

Guess what?! We're picking up our notorious #cutforbieber tees today too! We made a very special limited amount so if you sleep I don't want a fucking hundred emails crying about it like you guys cry about the Horror I & Horror II hats! HAhahahaha!

With Murder We Wrote™ on it's way, it's time to officially clean out the Frisky Business radness & make some room! Use code FRISKY40 for 40% OFF your entire order! This is the last sale before the New Collection drops so cop what's left of our EAT SHIT snapbacks, and grab some sweet tanks & crops for a well deserved vacation somewhere warm! Expires Next Sunday 1/27/2012! For everyone else in the chilier areas, enjoy your weekend and go pick up some more Fuck Off! beanies since they're selling faster than crack in the 80's. Oh, and send n00dz. Bye.

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