Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2 0 1 3 !

Well we didn't die last week like we were supposed to, so I guess that's a pretty good thing. Had my bathing suit all ready for Hell too! Funny enough with all the madness we were beginning to believe that not only were many of you hoping to get abducted by aliens or some shit, but were almost hoping the world would just end like it does in the movies. Shit! Sorry to disappoint ya but Creep Street is still alive and kicking!

Didn't spam your inboxes on New Years Day like everyone else did to try to get you to buy shit (we're gonna do that later lol), but actually spent most of it napping. You know you're definitely getting old when you can't hang past 4am without doing drugs! We hope you boys & ghouls had a rad New Year's Eve spent with all the right people & that your random kiss will not result in Herpes later this week. That is a no bueno way to kick off the new year for obvious reasons. I was lucky enough to have the homies come up north & chill, skate, party and bullshit. Even had the raddest chick chilling with us who had her mom pick us up & drop us off at my crib blasting Brian Jonestown Massacre the whole way at god knows what time in the morning! Perfect. Yep, this year is gonna be weird. But shit, that just means it's going to be fucking awesome.

Just to spice shit up we're gonna put up some Winter accessories for sale as a early teaser for the late Winter 2012 Murder We Wrote™ collection since everyone's been asking for 'em! New hoodies, shirts, buttons hit later this month with some badass restocks of your favorite hats in next month's delivery. Not to forget to mentions more projects in the works, parties, boobs, hot chicas, and a whole lot more nonsense to keep ya'll entertained – for better, or usually, for worse.

Thanks for creeping with us & continuing to support the real. We may not be able to respond to everything but be assured it get's digested. Fuck 'Em All! Satan Is Waitin'! Fulfill those resolutions this year, lose the fat, fuck that bitch, and get that money! Now get the fuck back to work! 2013 baby, let's get creepy...

Boris "Ladykiller" Changstein Jr., Esq.

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