Friday, November 09, 2012


No, no, no not the Black Dahlia Murder – CASTLEVANIA motherfuckers, damn! Probably one of my favorite video game franchises growing up (explains a lot too), it's been through ups & downs, but like any true relationship, the passion will always exist.

Honestly, Chip or I barely play any video games anymore as we are trying to be grown ass men but that doesn't mean I can't fan out about gaming shit that used to make me jump for joy as a little shithead kid. As for Castlevania – they keep twisting, and re-inventing, and re-creating the whole Dracula/Belmont storyline basically to confuse the shit out of everyone. But because they are all secret geniuses, somehow it will all end up making sense, in the very, very end! Which is why I'm excited to see the last of the Castlevania series: Lords of Shadow 2, debuting for PS3 soon. Mind you, I will probably never play this game on a PS3 as I'm still married to Super Nintendo, forever the best fucking system ever.

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