Monday, October 29, 2012


Did you guys enjoy your parties this weekend? Halloween weekend is really like – "Wait, you mean I get to get wasted, wear a costume (or lack of clothing in general), and get completely obliterated? AWESOME!" Are you still recovering? Well good! That way you can get ready for our event collaborated by Nikki Lipstick on Halloween Day! Well we want full coverage! Be sure not to forget to share your costumes & pics for our HALLOWEEN CONTEST!

And to start your week off right, our Limited Edition* Halloween LUCKY CHUCKY tees are officially up for grabs! With artwork by our awesome creepy cousin Children of the Black Rainbow, we guarantee these will sell out! Oh & we have a special Halloween treat for all you little creeps!

Use code HALLOWASTED for 20% off your entire order! Expires 10.31.2012 WTF FTW!

We'll get you in the end!

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