Monday, October 01, 2012


The best part about growing up in NY for me personally (before all the Horror, Metal, and The Smiths would take over and make me a better man hahaha) was probably Hip Hop & R&B. This song reminds me of the days where macking chicks was a fulltime job, wearing tons of Polo Sport cologne was cool, having fresh white kicks on was considered clean, and rocking baggy jeans and having a perfectly buzzed haircut went a real long way. Jodeci – thank you for making a preteen contemplate sexing a fine bitch before he even knew what a vagina actually felt like.

R.I.P. Phone booths! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It feels good to be in the crib again despite seeing all the rad creeps & creepettes during the reign in Boston. Somethings never change, and that can actually be a good thing.

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