Thursday, October 25, 2012


This one is dedicated to this little rugrat that has every fucking kid in the world wondering, how the fuck is he sponsored & hanging with all these bitches when his balls haven't even dropped yet?!

"I've been living in poverty for most of my life might not make sense to you, but but it makes sense to me. When you're poor for most of your life, it doesn't really feel like you're poor...cause you're already use to it."

Well shit, be from Compton, skate like this when you;re 12 & you might have a story to tell. Regardless if the videos are curated or whatever for marketing & shit, we'll believe it anyway. It's going to be insane to see where this kid ends up in the skate world in a few more years. We fuck with ya! You're seeing more fine booty & skating with radder dudes than most of us will ever in an entire life time. But shit, do your fucking dishes lol! If you need to get laced up, you know we gotchu ya little fucker.

Creep Street approved!

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