Friday, September 07, 2012


So MTV had another fun little VMA shindig in LA last night and well, it was actually pretty good? Too bad we weren't listening to Obama's speech - whatever he's getting the fucking vote anyway. The awards usually consist of cringing from poorly executed jokes, and Lil Wayne fucking shit up (not in the good way), and weird kisses. Seems like MTV decided to clean it's act up a little this year. While we all know the event is supposed to be a awkward shit show of drunk celebs, it was refreshing to see people treat this years' like something somewhat important. All the performances were dope & shit, even PSY made a cameo!

And the whole night we kept thinking...when did Taylor fucking swift become such a fucking babe? Miley Cyrus, go kill yourself your speaking voice is annoying as shit, Ke$ha you John Travolta looking ass hippie please stop making music, and um yes, Katy Perry...always live & well in Boner City. That's it. Chris Brown & RiRi reconciled publicly, Green Day had a big show, Kevin Hart is the shit, and yep, fuck all boy bands (no homo). Aiight this is as TMZ Perez Hiltony as the blog is gonna get. But no promises. We're going down & taking all you dickheads with us.

Fuck you! Bye.


Anonymous said...

WTF yo, why would Obama be getting yours or anyone's vote? 47 months of unemployment over 8%...economy is totally fuckd ...the brotha got my vote last time, but this time I'm stayin home son.


Don't forget what it was before Obama. Ron Paul would be a decent option but fuck Romney, that dude just blows.

commodore sixty four said...

Haha this is not! lemme break it down for you YO Obama saved GM and hundreds of thousands of jobs Mitt wanted the car co's to go out of buisness and the prez is still cleaning up the mess of W. and Cheney who had EIGHT years to fuck our shit up why not give Obama 4 more years just to make it fair? Romney does not care about you! Barrack looks out for the middle class.thanks for tellin us your plans for election day though!