Tuesday, September 11, 2012


In celebration, or remembrance should I say of 911 and the falling of the Twin Towers, I found it only fitting (and coincidentally) to obviously tie it back to today's Titty Tuesdays post! Get it? Like, twin towers...boobs...twins...towers. 11 years goes by quick doesn't it?! We've been a little cheap on the last few titty posts, so here's a epic little dump to remind you pervs who started this shit! "Hey Timmy, you wanna meet Michael Jordan?"  

"Fuck no, I want some big ol' titties in my face!"

Well damn! Ahem, now back to some real shit. Conspiracy or not (definitely a conspiracy), many lives were lost, and we stuck tight together to rebuild our city to prove that New York was, is, and will continue to be the raddest and the baddest city of all. Fuck all the politics going on in the campaigns right now, fuck all the points of view. The most important one is your own. Whether you succeed or fuckup in life, the only person responsible is you.

Get paid, get laid, get bent! Remember you live in America, where you're allowed to say whatever the fuck you want on the internet, wear the most obnoxious tees by Creep Street, and experience the joy of beautiful tits. Be humble, have a sense of fucking humor, and be kind to thy kin! Happy Titty Tuesdays dickhead!

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Nice man. Well put.