Saturday, August 25, 2012


Well, since I didn't bring my point & shoot to this past Magic last week in Vegas I guess there isn't much posting to do, for Instagram has officially taken over that duty. But shit, it reminded me that we forgot to post from the one this past February! For those who don't know what Magic/Project/SLATE is – it's a tradeshow held twice a year where all your favorite brands of all shapes & sizes, old & new congregate with buyers & industry professionals (and wannabe professionals) to showcase upcoming collections to continue growing and/or create new business relationships. It's pretty much a shitshow of madness & you'll be able to see some crazy shit & outfits as well as cameos from your favorite and most hated celebs. Oh yea, and everyone get's completely wasted that week. Boy is Vegas a fucked up place to be! However, it's the one time we get to see all our friends in one place for a few days and that makes it all worth while. Will Creep Street ever have a booth? Maybe. We like to keep that cult steez bitches!

In the meantime, just party with us! What happens in Vegas, will always end up on the internet. See you fuck faces soon!

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