Monday, July 30, 2012


Thanks again to everyone that came to hang out at Studio Servitu Saturday Night. Hope you had a rad time at a truly amazing space. Apologies for those who couldn't find it though. Still trying to get a hang of the LA scene! We guarantee you won't miss our next soiree (figuratively & literally).

Besides, secret locations are cool so smarten your dumbasses up! Hahaha just kidding! Special shouts to Rockeresque & friends for dolling up all our amazing models. Tragik & Zulu Na$ty were the highlight though by all means everyone fucking loved them. Mad love to Bridget, Joceyln & Jenn & The Blonde Locks also doing big things so keep an eye out for these lovely ladies! Lotta work goes into these little things...thank god my team showed up last minute with a handfull of blunts! Fun pics by Joeshootsme to come. :) Now back to getting up this stupid fucking webshop up for ya (don't kill us!).

Last shot of the night courtesy of Miss Crash


Anonymous said...

Okay, this is super serious. I am about two clicks away from buying new panties at karmaloop... PLEASE OPEN UP THE CHOPPING MALL!!!

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