Monday, June 25, 2012


Hi Everyone!

Did you guys have a great weekend? Good! Let's see...we had Pride week, a few good shows playing, and some pretty damn decent weather. Dope! I don't know when being gay became about men wearing high heels & lesbians wearing neon tutu's but hey call me out-of-date hahaha! Mad love to the LGBT community though for supporting Creep Street we love yo asses!

On another note we closed our Party All Night, Creep All Day shop so I can slave my way into preparing for a big shipment of that's right – Our late SS2012 FRISKY BUSINESS collection. July is a fucking busy month, as I'll finally get to return back to the East Coast this weekend to molest my Boston brothers & sisters, and then watch my REAL sister walk down the aisle in New York. I hear it's like 100 fucking degrees back home, makes me feel like SF might have better weather after all...

I really just wanted to thank each and every one of you fuckers for another really fun season of debauchery! Since I've joined the iPhone gang, Instagram has put me in touch with a lot of you super fine Creepettes & also find out who the REAL creepy lurkers are! Hahahaha I wanted to just give you all big digital hug! I know you'll really dig the new season coming out too. Keep spreading the filth & remember who started all this no bullshit Creepy Shit! I expect even more n00dz this season (with even more tees sent out for the Panty Parade™)! We got tons of new super radsexyfineass Creepette spotlights for you too so stay posted.

Love & Gratitude,
Boris the Ladykiller Changstein Jr., Esq.


Anonymous said...

Y'all niggahs fuckin gay...what's this LGBT bullshit....fuckin faggots son!


^THIS guy.