Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6,000 RIM JOBS.

was bit sad when I gave up my Blackberry a few months ago. It was the business man's business phone. We weren't worried about dropping it either. BBM put your texting game on another level. It was my last string of retaining a non-touch screen device. A rebellion against having a small macbook in my pocket. And the fact that Blackberry n00dz had this awesome ghetto quality to it. But as they say, life must go on...

Oh well. I'm iPhoned the fuck out now! All I can say is Jesus Christ no fucking wonder the buttholes at RIM were losing money. No one's losing sleep over email taking a extra 2 seconds to send. That being said, this might be the best article headline I;ve seen in a while. The news editor probably should be fired along with the poor employees at RIM.

Or promoted. Genius.

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