Friday, May 04, 2012


There were VCR's, video stores (god forbid anyone leave their house these days), and the illegal black cable box (only your rich friends with creme carpets had that shit...and laser discs lol). And most importantly, music channels that played music videos. Oh yea, & scrambled cable porn...that switching in between channels ghetto shit! This one's for my real G's!

For the younger creepers, the box was some weird ass channel that let you call & order videos kinda like a Karaoke menu. There was always these fools that kept ordering the same song though hahaha! All you lil fucks that were already secretly up late at a young age were on this shit, watching everything that MTV wouldn't play!

Think that's the UK version...the U.S. one was super ghetto looking! I remember even BET had some late midnight sexual chocolate R&B program shit hahaha. Shout outs to the WIZ music stores ($11.98 cds) & J&R Music World for being the best place for stereos & rad records, & oh yea the Mall for being the ultimate hang out spot. Shit makes you think man!

I miss being a kid! I was going to save this for a THROWBACK THURSDAYS post but fuck it! I'm in a reminiscing mood this week. Ahhh life...when you're young all you want to to is be old, and when you're old all you wanna do is fuck college bitches.

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