Thursday, May 17, 2012


I don't know much about the skate scene in general let alone in Spain but guess what?! This video is awesome and I thought you would enjoy it. But....dubstep...hahahhaha...great work though. Shouts to the JART Skateboards crew for creepin' it real.

On a local note (lol I guess I'll pretend to be a West Coaster for now): Ando SF has just pumped out some more goodness! FTCSF x FTCBCN: A short film featuring Lucas Erlebach, Jabari Pendleton, Antony Lopez, James Capps, Gunes Ozdogan, Raul Navarro, and Erik Pettersson. FTC team riders are currently working on a new full length video in Barcelona, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Sacramento.

Sip it & Smoke it! I meant, hugs not drugs! Happy Thursday!

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