Monday, April 09, 2012


Boy I did alittle too much of this shit this past weekend...god bless new friends & San Francisco!

How was your Easter/Passover weekend kids?! Good?? GOOD! Now get the fuck back to work!

Now what song do I have for you today...hmmmMm? Ahh some good ol' NY shit! It's always kind of funny explaining the whole experience on what it was like growing up in NYC while hearing Biggie & Jay-Z & Nas live on the radio, kind of like how LA cats have to explain Tupac, NWA & WC to people that didn't live there. It was always something I wish everyone could feel, cuz I feel like it would help explain why a lot of us do what we do. I wasn't a Jay-Z fan until late HS to be honest (Biggie, Wu & Nas all the way haha) but one song that really stuck to me off he Reasonable Doubt (yes, one of the best albums of all fucking time for all you herbs) was Politics As Usual:

Man this song brings me back – back to business that is! This classic gets me so fucking pumped into hustle mode every time!

We got lotsa crazy rad shit going down for you guys this week! Yes, we got a Spring Clearance Sale (you're welcome) & the long awaited FREAKY FRIDAY THE 13th – MEEKY & OZZY T-SHIRT drop this Friday! I know you all are itching for some new new creep creep as well so I won't even talk about that shit till later!! So enjoy your start of another boring week & remember to smile! LOVE YA~

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