Friday, April 13, 2012


Well, first & foremost – Happy Fucking Friday the 13th boys & ghouls!!

Second but almost more is the day we officially launch our first FARTIST PROJECT™ Collaboration! So what exactly is the Fartist Project™ you ask? It's what it fucking sounds like – Creep Street x Rad Artists working on exclusive projects just for you!

I'm really psyched to start the very first Volume of this special project with someone who is actually a good friend of mine: John Wiltshire. I met John a few years back when I was living in Boston. Not too sure how we became friends, but I think he had a crush on one of my chick homies & I of course promised I'd get him laid. It didn't end up happening cause I sucked at life, but because he was so happy I made the valiant effort he offered to unofficially intern for Creep Street as a token of his appreciation! I mean seriously how horrible is it to follow me around for Lookbooks while I take pics of the hottest chicks in their underwear right?! Tough living, I know.

The most interesting part of John isn't just his tattoos, or his teenrape-looking thick framed Ray Bans. It was the pleasant discovery of finding out John was a long time illustrator & painter. Like, a really awesome unpretentious one! Mixing creepy influences of horror as a major theme, his sly twists create something truly unique. Youthful but sophisticated, dark but humorous, poetic but dangerous. All in all, the Children of the Black Rainbow series of his latest work is exactly what it claims to be: pure, dark, genius.

Remember those Creeped Out! tees we did a while back? When John showed me the initial sketches for these tees you can bet I got even more excited! If you do happen to be in Boston tonight – there is a pretty crazy weekend planned for all you freaks!
04.13.2012FREAKY FRIDAY : 8pm-11pm

Gallery YES.OUI.SI : 19 Vancouver St. Boston, MA 02115
• Entertainment by GOOD
• Refreshments by PIRATE BOOTY & Captain Morgan's BLACK Spiced Rum! 
• View the new collection of work by CHILDREN OF THE BLACK RAINBOW!
04.14.2012 – CREEPY FREAKY FEVER PARTY : 8pm - 2am

GOODLIFE BAR : 28 Kingston Street Boston, MA 02111
• Entertainment by DJ Frank White, MISTER JASON, FLAVOR HEARD along with guest DJ J ZONE & refreshments by PBR.
• Free admission, limited grab bags and refreshments provided by PBR.


Make sure to stop by & both events & show some love! You might find yourself taking home a truly radical piece of art, or a really drunk girl from Boston University. Win-win?

As with all our ongoing Fartist Projects, all production is & will be extremely limited & kept to exclusive to a few accounts. I can tell you this time only a tiny run of 100 shirts per style for mens & womens tees (per color) were produced. Out of the 100, a quarter was already presold! That doesn't leave much left for you does it? Well, hurry the fuck up then cause these bitches will not be around much longer! I will advise in advance that stock is expected to move faster than we can update invwentory so apologies if your order gets canceled. >:)

So without further adieu we proudly unveil MEEKY & OZZY for you today...and the only way to purchase these tees due to the extremely high demand is to post the links on this blog post ONLY.


Enjoy your weekend bitches!

Ladykiller Changstein, Jr. Esq.

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