Friday, April 27, 2012


It's funny when you shift through old folders & you find some craziness from way back! And I'm not talking about naked pictures of my exes! You start off with a huge smile being like look at the memories...and then you sit back & say fuck, I'm getting old! Here's some pics I stumbled across from our Creep Street Summer 2009: Bloodfeast Collection I shot in Hull, MA.

I remember the sun came out after it rained for most of the morning & we had a van of 8 people being like – FUCK – and I said fuckit we're gonna do it anyway cause that's just what it's gonna be. And also because it's almost impossible to get more than 5 of your buddies in one place at once without alcohol involved. But man, the beach was so fucking beautiful after the rain, it was all flat & melodramatic and shit. Hull is a trip (home of buddy Johnny Cupcakes)! We even got kicked out of the Arcade there too hahaha (figures).

Funny part about this brand was that it was always about the homies. And you can bet every photoshoot I've done has involved them which I think gives what we do a little more meaning. How else are my loser friends gonna get to see boobs right?! Haha so here's to them! Think I'll post a bunch of our older stuff on the Facebook & maybe have you fools vote for your favorite design to reprint? Hmmm...

Summer is already in the those Rod Stewart shirts we made were rad!

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