Friday, February 24, 2012


This surprise Creepette is a young lady I'll admit I was obsessed with the minute blood brother Steezy posted her up on his site. And although I have quite a few equally bodacious Creepette spotlights in the lineup to post up – Steezy pretty much threatened to rape me if I didn't get these rad shots he took up on the site ASAP! That being said, he didn't know I secretly enjoyed that shit. Oh well, guess the SECRET'S OUT! Enjoy! :)

1. They call me Whit Titty.
2. I get money by HUSTLIN.
3. I rock Balenciaga and smoke mad marijuana.
4. I eat a lot of candy and ravioli.
5. I can do anything i fuckin please...whenever the fuck i want.
6. I will be an amazing wife one day.
7. I love the Cro-Mags and WUTANG CLAN.
8. I hate LIARS.
9. I take IT EASY.
10. Creep Street IS FUCKIN RAD!!

You can creep me out below...

Yowitnessthis on Instagram
Whit_titty on Twitter
Whitney Christow on Facebook

Shout outs to my lil sister jacqueline and her son Kingston.  And my tattoo artists, Jorelle at The Honorable Society, Jared at Solid Gallery One, John Poverty at Goose, Peter "Snake" Grodzki. And my fav photog steeeeeezy.

Marry me Whitney...just...fucking...marry me...

AND for all you folk who plan to attend our wedding, make sure to buy & bring the new MARCH/APRIL issue of INKED MAGAZINE with you. You know, where she has gracefully further blessed you with her presence in. Peep the teaser flicks below! Shameless plug! ;)

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