Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Did I also mention our fashionably late ;) Holiday Lookbook is now live? A Super Duper Double feature for you freaks today! Peep the Facebook to see the PG-14 version or just click below to see it in Super Awesome, Full-Screen, Quality Resolution!

Party All Night, Creep All Day!

Well, for starters I'm surprised half these photos came out!

For this drop, we wanted to make Party All Night, Creep All Day!™ all about the homies (AND homettes)! I mean after all that's what the fuck life is all about right?! Between no one being to keep straight faces, booze & cigarettes flowing in a space filled with 30 people – this photo sesh is quite self explanatory!

I really want to thank everyone that helped make this thing happen. And most of all, my goodlooking friends that double as models. HAHAHA (I think they're gonna kill me when they finally see these pictures.)

Here's the link to the full resolution NSFW version (duh!):

Goofy Out-takes, and the Epic Behind-the-Scenes Lookbook Video dropping this weekend! You know it ain't complete without it!!

Yours Truly,
Ladykiller Changstein, Jr. Esq.

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