Monday, December 12, 2011


Quick creep update for you guys! It's been a crazy fucking transition coming into SF coming from the East coast. So apologies if we might have seemed a bit more quiet than usual. Most of these tired nights are a result of hauling & moving furniture up 5 flights of stairs manually or via a shitty vintage elevator that will plummet to it's death at any minute. Just a few more key pieces left for the living space to make it extra rad & we're good to go! Only thing now is to figure out how to take the fucking public transportation here...Clipper card? WTF.

And a personal thank you note for continuing to support the real & calling out the fakers out there, I won't even mention this fucking brand (but yo Dip-set & Cam holla at me when you wanna roll with the real Creeps!). You guys are the fucking best!

But even more importantly Holiday has officially shipped to our key accounts, and all photos will be up by tomorrow! I promise you won't be disappointed, and if you do end up hating it, just pretend to like it anyway hahaha. We had a minor production issue with the caps, so delivery is pushed back a week but you can bet those juicy Horror caps ya'll be waiting on will be there before Xmas as well!

I'm thinking about re-opening the online chopshop this weekend too, what do you guys think?!

Some of our fans know how to start the day off proper!

Hope all you Creeps & Creepettes come visit me in my new habitat whn it's completed. The Filthy Few Takeover is officially on! May your day be off to a wonderful start – smile cuz your on creepy candid camera you little bitch! PARTY ALL NIGHT, CREEP ALL DAY.

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Thomas R said...

Please reopen the chop shop! I don't want to buy from karmaloop. I loved buying all my stuff from you directly!