Friday, December 09, 2011


©Ray Echevers

Anyone that fucks with me & the team knows that other than being kinda hipster & shit we try to push taking pictures in film (I still keep my digi at my side for daily lurking don't get me wrong). Not only cause it's cool & retro and all that gay shit, but because it brings back the fun, uncertainity, and undersanding of what a camera does, and symbolizes. This is something my homie Ray "Basedchevers" knows very well. You also may know him as RE1000 – takes rad flicks, skates with best, and continues pushing his rad conquest to take over the internets, one picture at a time.

And don't forget to join his group!

The BUY FILM NOT MEGAPIXELS group is a group for all to post images from your film cameras, whether it be 35mm, 120, or such. Originally it was intended for pictures of the stickers and shirts, but seems better to have for film pictures. If I deleted your film pictures, re-add them.

Sorry for any misunderstandings and thanks for the support,

©Ray Echevers

You can follow one of his many Tumblr's or find his Sketchy ass on Twitter if you haven't already. Further support the movement of real dudes by peeping his selection of true East Coast skater-friendly goods at GRADESELECT.COM!

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