Friday, December 23, 2011


This has to be the raddest fucking holiday collection yet! I've seen the shit that all them other "streetwear" companies are dropping....SNOOZE! While everyone is trying to be the next Ralph Lauren (and failing miserably), they forgot one important thing, to be their fucking selves! POSERS! I'm just trying to be inside your girlfriend to be honest. Not to toot my own horn, but uhhh this holiday drop is dope as shit! Hahaha real talk though, sorry for the holdup (if you only knew the life I lived you'd be surprised to know how I even find the time to fucking blog). But enough about my wackness.

Just a few more touches & debugging before I re-open the chopshop...let the countdown begin! I know a few of you already took advantage of that cray cray Karmaloop Holiday Sale & got a head start on feeling filthy! So happy Friday fuckfaces!! Are all you excited for some creepy time off of work & school? Don't drink too much egg nog now.

Party All Night, Creep All Day! Fuck 'Em All!!!

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