Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So uhhh, how many of you AREN'T PLAYING the new Call of Duty right now?

So we got facebooking, homemade youtube clips, and these fucking crazy ass video games. You know, I can't really blame kids for not being psyched about a lot of shit, I mean look at what's in front of them. They got video games that can dance, play tennis, skateboard, and shoot people with. I haven't been in the video game scene in a while, but the last game I could say I was really psyched about (other than Michael Jackson Thriller) was probably God of War 3. I mean the fucking storyline & development is amazing. So whilst scouring the internets as I like to do, I came (hehe cameeee) across some crazy ass game trailers...shit that really makes you think "fuck I'd totally stay home all day" playing this shit too.

What Alice in Wonderland shoulda been now that I think about it! Malice in Wonderland?! As if Alice in Zombieland didn't tickle your fancies. This game looks pretty sick, I believe it came out only a few months ago. Creep Street approved!

Kinda wish I had more time to actually sit down and play video games sometimes to be honest. Did you know I still play SNES? Fuck yea, got that Supercastlevania IV, Legend of Zelda & Chrono Trigger on steady repeat son! And in 10 years my kids will be like THIS is what you played when you were 7?! What the fuck is 8-bit?!

Fuck that, games were so simple they were genius. You know I still can't beat that game to this day...

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