Thursday, November 24, 2011

AUTUMN: The North Shore

"We went to Beverly, MA a few weeks ago before October’s record snow-fall. Skating walks of worn bricks and gnarled roots, the weekend was less about landing stuff and more about finding a feel for things – at least that’s my excuse. Sometimes when you’re not on a smooth manicured sidewalk or stair, your senses seem to open to the cracks and swells. Skating kind of becomes an intricate engagement with the body and texture of the terrain; at points you feel almost like you’re hiking as you work over rockiness and track through the juts and crevices of narrowly paved ways."

What a poetic Vimeo video description huh?! This one is for my New England skate rats. Thanks to Huck Gibson for posting it on the FB page. Vermont Skateboards team rider Steve Mull cruises around the Beverly, MA area in this latest edit out from the friends at The Worble. If Kevin Arnold had a skateboard & The Wonder Years had a promo video for it, it would probably look like this:

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