Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Part of running a successful business is also having a formula for success. We do not have either of those things. But I wanted to share with you guys some good old fashioned reading (do people even do that anymore?!) that the crazy lawyers at S&U sent me.


Myth 1: Multitasking is critical to keep up with a world consumed by demand.
This is a myth because it falsely assumes that people are capable of mentally focusing on two tasks at the same time. We learn to move quickly between tasks and we're not even aware of the other task when focusing on the one. Also when switching between tasks a cost is incurred, called 'switch time', this is the time it takes to mentally divert focus from one activity to another. Research shows that switching increases the amount of time to finish a task by about 25 percent. Conclusion, switching back and forth between multiple tasks ends up taking more time to complete than focusing on one task at a time.

Myth 2: Some anxiety helps performance.
This is a myth because good performance is associated with positive feelings and anxiety is not one of them. The greater the level of anxiety the more reactive, impulsive and unimaginative people become. Leaders should be aware that your energy directly impacts how your staff perceives authority and in turn performs accordingly. Negative emotions are likely to cause poor performance while positive energy is likely to produce better results.

Myth 3: Creativity is impossible to teach.
It may have once been accepted that creativity lies in one hemisphere of the brain; so those prone to using the opposite side are then creatively challenged. No longer is this the common belief because researchers have a great degree of consensus that the creative process actually moves back and forth between right and left hemispheres. Thus, creativity requires a whole brain effort and can be systematically approached so that it is teachable. By learning how to access parts of the brain that serves them best during various segments of the road to creative thinking, individuals can learn to produce unique ideas.

Myth 4: Best way to get more work done is work more.
This myth is rather destructive because it unfairly equates humans to computers. People are not designed like computers; instead people produce in waves of energy expenditure and recharge. The best performers and leaders alike realize that the energy that workers bring to whatever hours they work drives the value of work and not the number of hours. Renewal breaks throughout the day makes it possible for a steady flow of energy all day so that effort is optimize to produce sustainable quality of work in less time.

via Spiegel & Utrera

Here's to success, money, and tons of titties! We like cool things, making moves, partying, meeting cool people, and all that shit – but COME ON – it's all about the chicks! DUH! Who said we didn't care about you?!

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