Saturday, October 01, 2011


Happy October 1st Boys & Ghouls! This is the official month of the Creeps!
The Creep Street Takeover continues...Fuck 'Em All! Mwahhahah!

Okay. It's officially October & I just wanted to thank you all for being so patient with our Holiday Collection. I reassure you all that you won't be disappointed! Anyone that runs a business knows that shit ain't easy, and there's a lot of bumps every season we try to avoid, but sometimes you just can't. But, yea that shit is coming (all over your face).

You know I'd do anything for you creepy fucks & just wanted to say it'll fill your stocking up right in time for Christmas shopping. I'll drop teasers between this time, with a Epic Motherfucking Halloween Party in Boston with the Karmaloop Family to keep the filthiness flowing! Our 4th Annual Halloween just got bigger this year! Mark your calendars for the 27th & stay posted for more details!

So let Fright Fest officially begin! You know we're going to have a Raddest Pumpkin Carving & Costume Contest again, right?! Better start pumping that creative juice my creeps! Get Hallowasted you bitches! ♥

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