Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Since I'm such a fucking slacker when it comes to editing & posting photos, I thought I'd first post some a good buddy of mine JEFF ALLEN shot from this past weekend at the Brooklyn Invitational back in NYC. Amazing dude, amazing pictures!

Jeff Allen Photo ©2011

For some who don't already know I will be relocating to San Francisco in a matter of months – new job, new life, and a formal Creep Street West Coast Takeover in full effect! I honestly thought I would have moved back to NY by now, but life has it's funny ways of well, taking you by surprise. That being said, I've began to enjoy my weekends back home even more & appreciated every minute more than ever with all my friends & family. That being said, I hope all you do as well where ever you may be from, cause we're all looking at the same stars at the end of the day aren't we? Stay Creepin.

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