Saturday, September 24, 2011


Today's Creepette spotlight goes to the one & only Bridget Blonde...

1. They call me BB.
2. I get money by being blonde.
3. I rock everyday.
4. I eat cake.
5. I can do anything better than you.
6. I will never give up.
7. I love my pitbull.
8. I hate when there isnt a gas station on the right side of the road.
9. I take my time getting ready so shush and get over it.
10. Creep Street is covering my goodies as we speak ;)

BOOBIES! HAHAHA! Bridget is a pretty rad chick! What else can I say? I couldn't even walk around with her in Vegas without her causing some kind of trouble & having all them fellas do double takes! When she's not taking care of her pup, she's always exercising or some crazy shit like that. Bridget will fuck you up!

You might have her pin-up flicks, seen her cameo in Far East Movement's Rocketeer Acoustic, chilling with the folks at the Hundreds (you make a great almost naked Smurfette btw), or just being an all around awesome Californian girl. Bridgette stays Creepin'! Don't forget to peep & support her newest project:
The Blonde Locks!

Creep her out here!

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Schultzy said...

My future wifey.