Friday, June 10, 2011


ALRIGHT, so it's Friday, and you have the weekend to pretty much fuck around! So here's an activity you can do drunk or sober. :)

Studding has been a trend for ages, so I'm sure this isn't new for you guys! But did you realize how easy it was/is? There are all different types of studs, to name a few there are: Pyramid (being the most trendy one today), conical (which is a round one), and the list goes on! They're seen everywhere from purses, shirts, pants, etc.

So like I said, it's pretty easy to do soooo here's a video! I would recommend studding those sexy Creep crop tops ladies!!


Eric John Powers said...

My buddy Nickel owns

Solid dude. Family-owned business and he has every stud or spike you could imagine. Support the underground!

TaylorLiz said...

That's the only reputable website I've found, honestly! Love, love, love it!!!