Thursday, June 09, 2011


No matter how big of a fan you are of shit, there's always somewhere out there that's just going to stick out their middle fingers and say...FUCK YOU.

Motherfucker got Baxter, Mondo Gecko ,The Rat King and even those Wild & Wacky joints. Fuck, talk about a trip down memory lane. I should have kept all my toys dammit! I still remember that one time my moms bought me a shitload of Ninja Turtles when I was real young. Kay-Bee toy stores I think too. I had kind of a rough super strict childhood / upbringing so that shit was super emotional to a thug nah mean? My parents never bought me shit, but one day...they did. Fuck..I'm getting emotional as we speak...HAHAHAHA! Sorry kids, I know ya'll got the high speed internet & all this cool shit today, but you got seriously robbed of a childhood of rad ass fucking shit. Though I would worry if my kid stayed home playing with plastic turtles all day too. Catch 22!

Holy shit. Now someone get me this deck!

April O'Neill can still get it.


commodore sixty four said...

i still got a few of these but most of em have been buried in my parents back yard since 1994