Monday, June 06, 2011


Jane and I go way back to the Myspace days, you know when it was cool to have 200,000 friends you didn't know? Wait, was that ever cool?! I digress. That's right she has our very first Rod Stewart shirt!! I think what I'm really trying to say is that she has been down with the Creep Street movement since it's birth & nothing makes me happier to watch her steady killing it. She's a cool ass chick whose got that crazy style & that straight up I don't give a fuck attitude we've always appreciated.

As time went on, Jane traveled the world rockin' her creep street, got down with some of the best in music, and kept an unmatched style to get her parties groovin. I'm more than a happy 16 year old daddy to introduce you guys to her latest official music video: CRUNK IT. Lot's of hard work went into making this thing come together, and we were happy to have a tiny part in contributing to it & it came out fucking banging (pun intended)! For you creeps down with that electro-house party madness this one's for you. I'd get a crazy ass tattoo with you & your babe Amanda any day. Party soon but in the meantime - Crunk that shit!

1. They call me the new tupac.
2. I get money by big pimpin.
3. I rock diamonds galore -
4. I eat like a fat kid.
5. I can slash your tires and your baby.
6. I will make your girlfriend jealous...
7. I love your mom.
8. I hate anything f a k e .
9. I take partying very seriously.
10. Creep Street is the one.

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