Wednesday, May 18, 2011


If you watched He-Man growing up, you probably watched She-Ra. And because we were all little dumb pervs (some still are such as myself), we totally disregarded their ties as brothers & sisters & totally wanted them to bang. There were so many funny sexual innuendos too that i only notice as I google search this shit. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought all cartoonists were all secretly planting shit in all their drawings!

But I digress. She-Ra was pretty much He-Man for chicks. I still remember my sister having this damn costume as well!

(that's not my sister for the record lol)

Mom loved her more so I would just get the action hero...

I liked He-Man more cuz Skeletor was cooler than Hordak. She-Ra was mad babe, and even though she never made out with her brother – He-Man still strangely got his weird share of ass for 5 year olds to watch anyway.

Oh yea, and the Christmas specials!

LOL at all the crazy character voices! Crazy how we used to wait for Christmas cause it was so much fun.  Presents, snow and tv-show specials. Fuck I think we would play with Christmas toys for the whole holiday vacation?! Now I could give a fuck less. Ugh, when did I become such a Scrooge?! Oh yea, I know why. Because money & women have destroyed my life! I digress.

So here's another nod to a lost generation of awesomeness growing up in the 80's. But still, who would have knew it would still subconsciously inspire hopeless teens today?

Make cooler shit for kids people, that way they won't turn to Miley Cyrus for inspirations, cause we all know it's only a matter of time before her sex tape leaks (it'll probably have commercials for Pro-Activ or some shit plugged in there somewhere).

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commodore sixty four said...

I thought it was funny that every he man figure wore those furry loin cloths and remember the guy with green suction cup face?