Tuesday, May 03, 2011


I remember watching bits and parts of this as a kid...remembering only the black chick for some strange reason. Was it the ass? Don't ask. This animated film was pretty much a rad ass depiction of something I would say many animators rarely conceptualized – the mean streets. This shit was definitely not for kids, but if you're ever in the mood to kill some time on a Friday night, this flick should do it for ya. Creep Street approved!

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Axeholes said...

Love all of your blogs. Lots of cool and interesting stuff!
'Heavy Traffic' is one of Ralph Bakshi's best! Just watched his 'Hey Good Lookin' a few days ago and I almost wanted to watch Heavy Traffic right after it. Brilliant they are.

Here's an old school gem that's a little more for kids, but still had adult like themes and concepts, and one of many 80s cartoons with female characters designed to send me into early puberty lol...'Galaxy High', so well drawn and animated, and very 80s!