Thursday, April 07, 2011


Today I'm extra giddy because I have a surprise for you! I'd like to introduce you to the latest addition to our Creep Street Filthy Family roster: Miss TAYLOR MILLER! With a gangsta swag this art school chick jumped outta the woodwork and said 'Yo B! You need me to write on your shitty blog so people might actually read it!' What do you mean you don't like looking at aborted fetus photos?!

Well, hopefully with Taylizzle's blogging skizzills we'll be able to spotlight some rad shit specifically for the ladies! Some Fashion? Some Art & Photography? Her latest fancy get-up? Or maybe a rant here and there about how corny she thinks you are?! Either way, let's give a warm creepy welcome to our twisted little firecracker! The Creeps expect the worst! Apparently she wear's Creep Street when's she's angry, so I only wonder what she wears when she's horny?! Probably nothing...I digress.

They call me Taylor, Tayliz, Taylorliz, Tmil, Taymil, or that bitch.
I get money by putting the haters to the side and putting what I want in the front.
I rock things that cause you to look twice.
I eat Chipotle and sushi like it's going out of style.
I can make you hate me in 10 minutes.
I will be honest, no matter who you are.
I love to be taller than people when I'm in heels, and doing what I want .
I hate red meat, bitchy people, liars, and people who are shorter than me in heels.
I take what I need, but I'm not begging bitch.
Creep Street is for those kids out there who want their clothes to talk for them.

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