Monday, April 18, 2011

Release the deer to foster the people...

Hey creepers! So this is a post that combines two really good videos/one really good band, and one really good artist. The first video is from a band that I (unfortunately, I'm always behind the times!) just found called Foster The People; if you've seen the "dog boarding" (it was posted on the blog a few weeks ago too!) video that went viral last month, the background music is "Helena Beat"(linked to the video, if you wanna hear the song!) from Foster The People. This is one of my favorite songs called Pump Up Kicks, so I hope you enjoy!

The next is a video that I found because some kid posted it on someone's facebook wall and I happen to be a creep and saw it! Fortunate for me, I fell in love with it, so I have no shame in admitting I creeped to find it. :) It's kind of "hipster" I guess, with that whole triangle thing, but I have to admit that I enjoy dubstep a lot (it's a guilty pleasure I gained from my roommate at college)! So I hope you enjoy this intense video as well!!

Matta - Release The Freq from Kim Holm on Vimeo.

Hope this tickled your ears creepers,
xo taylor

ps. Happy birthday to the head creep, Boris xoxoxox


Anonymous said...

what exactly is 'hipster' about triangles?! i think the first video was complete hipster crap, but the second video was original -i could get down to that shit

TaylorLiz said...

I don't get the triangle thing either. :|

Anonymous said...

You're annoying.