Friday, April 29, 2011

I guess mom really did know best...

Hey ladies, lets talk 'bout our moms, and some fashion trends for a second! Now, I will be the first to admit to laughing at my mothers wardrobe a few times, and helping her "update" her wardrobe... and I guess it's a little embarrassing to admit that my mom (love ya, mommy!) really didn't dress all that bad, her closet had all the right pieces ... just the wrong year! But all of that has worked out in my favor! So I'm hoping the same goes for you and your mommyzz (and maybe dads... but that's weird, sorry)!

OKAY, so there are a few must haves for the summer! The first off is the crop top. You can easily do a DIY (do it yourself) on a baggy/old tshirt you have lying around, or you can go buy them! Either way you need a crop top! They can range in all different levels of (I'm just going to make this word up) "cropped-ness". I've seen shirts that show some stomach, and some that show pretty much everything but the twins. So ladies, if you're feeling modest - you can still rock the top!

The next big thing right now is high-wasted shorts. Going back to my mother again, I used to laugh and yell at her constantly because she owns a ton, needless to say - I guess I'll be saving a few extra dollars at the Closet of Mum. Anyway! There are some fierce girls out there who are getting super crafty, and studding their shorts, ripping them, and even dying them differently - all of which are SUPER rad ideas! There are tons of tutorial videos on Youtube for all of your crafty wants and needs, so don't feel shy to do some searching on the web!

(okay no, I'm not a huge fan of these shorts, specifically but they showcase everything I just mentioned!)

AND LASTLY! The American flag! There is an easier way to show your American pride than ripping down a flag and wearing it as a cape, although it might not be as fun ... it will definitely be more fashionable!
For a while, the UK flag was super popular on clothing. (I remember when I was 9, Mary Kate and Ashley were crazy about it... so of course I went and bought a top to match them) But lately, the American flag has gotten it's chance to shine! There are tons cropped tops, tank tops, and even shorts dyed in the pattern of the flag out there, so go ahead and grab a piece of the good ol' American pie (corny joke..?)! I wonder what will happen if (or once...) Trump or Palin gets elected??!

(I wish I knew who this girl was... :/)

xo taylor

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